Exterior Home Painting: Perks Of Getting It Done During Lockdown

Eddie Shekari
July 3, 2020

For many homeowners, curb appeal is everything. Whether your home is in need of a touch-up, has peeling paint, has some wear and tear, or simply looks dated, an exterior coat of paint is a fantastic, cheap way to spruce things up. Exterior home painting may seem daunting, but in reality it can be easy and fruitful if done properly; even if you opt to hire professional painters, this is a relatively simple service. Keep reading to learn more about exterior home painting tips!

Can You Paint Your Own House Exterior?

It may seem like a complicated job, but it is definitely doable to paint your own home without hiring professionals. If you follow our tips, you’ll have everything that you need to know to ensure you do the job right. With a little determination and know-how, anything is possible! That being said, it’s usually easier and, depending on the size of your house, safer to bring someone in that knows what they are doing. 

powerwash home exterior

How Do You Prepare a House for Exterior Painting?

Before you start to paint your house, there are some steps to follow. Your first  step should be to thoroughly pressure wash your house. Whether you own a pressure washer or need to rent one, this crucial step makes sure that your fresh coat of paint has the best coverage. By pressure washing, you remove dust, dirt, and any other stains that your home has accumulated from general wear and tear. The next step should be to repair any damaged surfaces. It can be tempting to opt to simply paint over these, especially if they look superficial, but handling them now will save you money in the long run

Next, you should take a scraper and examine your home. If you notice any loose or chipped paint from your current paint job, you’ll want to scrape it off or sand it to ensure a smooth canvas for the new paint. Scraping paint can be time consuming but if you skip this step then your layers will be uneven. Then you need to use an exterior caulk and a caulk gun to create a trim around doors and windows. You should also take care to protect your doors, windows, and light fixtures with plastic sheeting and painters tape. No matter how steady you think you are with painting, accidents are going to happen and it’s better to be prepared. 

best time to paint

What is the Best Time to Paint a House?

Generally, most experts say that the best time to paint the exterior of your house is in the summer months. Not only is it warmer, allowing your coats of paint to dry faster, but there also tends to be less rain depending on where you live. If you have to paint in the winter or during the rainy season, it’s best to keep an eye on the weather forecast to avoid any surprises. 

If you do paint in the summer, it is probably better to start in the early morning when it’s cooler. Here in Texas, the summer sun can be brutal and the last thing you want to do is faint before you get the final coat on. 

What are the Benefits of Painting Your Home? 

Aside from elevating the look of your home and allowing you to experiment with a new color scheme, painting your home can be a major benefit, especially if you are trying to sell. The fresh coat of paint adds curb appeal and quality paint helps protect your home from the elements. These kinds of perks can really make a difference to buyers and are low in cost, whether you DIY it or hire a painting contractor

When in Doubt, Hire the Pros!

At Pro Painters, we offer exterior home painting services that get the job done without breaking the bank or compromising on quality. If you are looking for someone to give your home a quality paint job, paint your home exterior, or any other painting project, contact us today! Our painting experts can make your house look like new.

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