Exterior Color Schemes

Eddie Shekari
November 10, 2017

Pro Painters, your Houston painting company, knows a thing or two about Houston exterior painting. That?s why we?ve come up with some options on what looks best for the outside of your home. We have five different themes with three different color combos from Sherwin Williams for you to choose from. Pick whichever best suits you!

Southern Shores & Beaches

Sherwin Williams? Cupola Yellow for the body, Summer White for the trim, and Wheat Penny for the accent, go together for a warm combination often seen around Houston. Their Koi Pond for the body, Alabaster for the trim, and Tea Chest for the accent, offers another neutral shaded getaway. If you?re located near Galveston, Dockside Blue on the body, Extra White on the trim, and Restoration Ivory on the accent, work well on a seaside home.

Suburban Modern

A home in the suburbs is a common dream for those wishing to start a family. Now make it your dream colors, too! For a door that stands out, try Rustic Red on the body paired with Cork Wedge on the trim and Smokehouse on as the accent on your home. If gray is more your style, check out Jogging Path for the body, Intellectual Gray for the trim, and Thunder Gray for the accent. For something more funky give a shot to Retreat as the body, Netsuke as the trim, and Edgy Gold as the accent color.

Suburban Traditional

For a very classy look, try Khaki Shade for the body, Tiki Hut for the trim, and Brandywine for the accent. For some nice colors across the black and white spectrum, try Summit Gray on the body, Extra White on the trim, and Greenblack on the accents. A popular brown spectrum appearance is using Cardboard as the body, Believable Buff as the trim, and Urbane Bronze as the accent color.

Desert & Southwest Style

For that New Mexico feel, go with Totally Tan on the body, Oyster Bar on the trim, and Cyberspace on the accents. If green is your thing, combine Latte as the body, Protege Bronze as the trim, and Edamame as the accent color. When a more yellowish shade sounds appealing, go for Bee?s Wax for the body, Napery for the trim, and Black Bean for the accent.

America?s Heritage

When your aim is to shoot for a look that harkens to yester year, try one of these. Colonial Revival Stone on the body, Classical White on the trim, and tricorn Black and Rookwood Red for the accents. For an inviting blue door, check out Craftsman Brown for the body, Roycroft Vellum for the trim, and Rookwood Brown and Naval for the accents. If pink strikes your fancy, have a go at Renwick Rose Beige on the body, Renwick Beige on the trim, and Pewter Tankard and Polished Mahogany on the accents.

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