Exterior Color Confidence

Eddie Shekari
October 4, 2017

Choosing colors for any paint job can be tricky as you want to pick the best option possible for your location and compared to the rest of the space. That?s why we?ve come up a bunch of helpful strategies to paint by so you can get to work faster and with more confidence.

Use Key Features

The substrate used on your home or business makes a difference in what color best suits it. You can choose your color depending on whether it?s made of brick, roof, stucco, or stone. For instance, a weathered wood type finish calls for a cooler color, while a stone facade looks better with sandy stone colors.

On the Street

Look around the neighborhood to see what colors other people have used and see what you think is missing to apply on your own house. Your house can look distinctive or blend in by your choosing. You might be surprised how many environmental designers, urban planners, and homeowner associations do this to guarantee their neighborhoods look wonderful.

Increase Curb Appeal

Play up key features to make an impression with onlookers. Some buildings have nice trim while some homes have two forms of siding or a beautiful front porch. A touch of bold color on these items can draw some desirable attention to your property.

Powerful Palette

The trim, accents, and door colors can go a long way in creating an overall look. You should aim to use a whole palette of colors, not just focus on the body. Don?t forget to use contrasting colors or hues in the smaller areas to give a full look to the structure.

Hifive to History

Believe it or not, history can guide you in the right direction for selecting your color. Libraries and bookstores provide excellent resources for information about historical architecture and what palettes were used in each era. An example of this would be Sherwin Williams Exterior Historic Palettes which give preselected schemes so you don?t have to guess what color to use. Most often these feature bold accents and rich colors, ideal for shutters, a secondary siding color, or front doors.

Regional Colors

Each area of the country has it?s own colors that are commonly used there. The Southwest has dusty, earthy desert tones, while the Midwest is known for traditional color schemes of light trim; neutral bodies; and red, blue, black, green, or grey shutters. The East Coast has a more historic feel and the Northwest utilizes darker neutral schemes. Lastly, the Southeast remains lighter and brighter because of the sunshine.

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