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Eddie Shekari
July 21, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There?s been a trend towards more individuality when it comes to the color of your house. Adding pops of color, whether it is on your window mullions, trim, or the entire exterior, can be just what you need to stand out on your block.

If your house is overdue for a new look, choosing a great exterior paint can transform your house for years to come. Exterior paints have a tough job to battle against weather, mildew, dirt, sun exposure, and flaking, but there are a couple of exterior paints that are trusted by industry leaders to do the job well.

Benjamin Moore

The Benjamin Moore name carries so much respect in the industry for high-performing paint. The Regal Select line has a fade-resistant finish, anti-mildew properties, and can be applied in low temperatures for those living in colder climates. The MoorGard Low Lustre Finish is recommended for siding and the MoorGlo Soft Gloss Finish is recommended for trim and accents. Both in the Regal Select line, these products have some sheen to repel water and prevent staining.

The Aura Exterior line is fast-drying, durable against harsh weather, has anti-mildew properties, and extreme coverage. Like the rest of the Benjamin Moore brand, this product is extolled for being flake-resistant, durable, and high-quality. It?s a higher market price but for a better, more recommended product.


Another highly-respected brand, Sherwin-Williams is a go-to for painters in the industry. The high durability, high coverage, anti-mildew properties, and flake-resistant paint challenges similar paints for the better job. The SuperPaint Exterior line is very versatile and is resistant to peeling and flaking. The Duration Exterior line keeps its sheen even with harsh sun exposure, and makes paint jobs from 10 years ago still look like new. The Emerald Exterior line is trusted for being a great self-primer. Sheen paint especially is recommended to avoid any uneven surfaces where dirt and mildew can hide.


Dunn-Edwards is another high-end brand that makes paint jobs last longer. The EVERSHIELD Exterior line is recommended for its good adhesion to prevent flaking and high sheen. Regardless of the surface, this brand does a great job with resisting mildew and fade. The ultra premium exterior paint lines, like EVERSHIELD, are versatile for all surfaces like wood, concrete, metal, stucco, and plaster.

When deciding which exterior paint is best for you, keep in mind to choose the highest quality paints to get the best long-lasting paint job. You can trust ProPainters to help make sure you choose the best paint for your needs and give you a great exterior paint job. For the past 20 years, ProPainters have been the leading Houston painting contractor for Houston painting services. We pride ourselves on reliability, quality of workmanship, and value.

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