Dry Erase Paint

Eddie Shekari
August 21, 2015

Sometimes we need a big place to write out our ideas?or perhaps a VERY big place, for even BIGGER ideas. Sometimes we need a wall where we can write loudly for all to see. This can be achieved with dry erase paint. Dry erase paint is a quick and easy way to turn any mundane room into a creative space where friends and family can write or draw on the wall without damages?much like a dry erase board. It?s also just plain fun, for kids and adults! Thoughtful equations one minute or stomping dinosaurs the next?the wall?s decoration is limited by your own imagination.

When getting started, the first thing you need to be aware of is keeping the room well ventilated. Make sure the area you wish to paint is cleaned and dry before you begin. Next, use painter?s tape to mark off the area you wish to become a white board. It?s also recommended that you use disposable foam brushes and rollers for a clean finish.

Dry erase paint is an epoxy and requires mixing with regular wall paint before it?s applied. The ratio is 2 parts epoxy and 1 part paint. Before you begin mixing, keep in mind that the working limit to the paint is 1 to 2 hours so try to plan on fully applying the appropriate amount within that time span. Once mixed, be sure to fully saturate the foam roller, but at the same time rolling away any excess. Having the roller well worked into the paint lowers the risk of air bubbles forming.

Now gently roll the paint onto the wall. It typically takes two coats for light colors and possibly more for darker hues. It?s also recommended to allow a 30-minute drying time between each coat. Once your final coat has dried, gently pull up the painter?s tape by tugging it back on itself to form a sharp angle; this will prevent accidentally pulling up any dried paint. It?s critical to do this at a slow yet steady pace to avoid leaving any bare streaks on your wall.

Once finished, your paint tray can easily be washed out with soap and water, while the disposable roller and brushes are good to be thrown in the trash. It is imperative you do not touch or write on the freshly painted wall for two days. This allows the paint to fully cure and solidify. Once hardened, it?s ready to be written on! Many people often experiment with different brands of dry erase markers to find what?s most effective. To avoid streaks and other spots, it?s recommended to use a lint-free cloth to wipe up the marks. Now any wall of your house can become a helpful thought-board or a creative outlet. Whether you?re thinking or playing, your walls become a reflection of you!

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