Doors Done in a Snap

Eddie Shekari
August 12, 2016

Ever wished they would invent a paint which dries quickly enough for you to close your front door and move on with your life? Well, your wish has been granted! Perfect for your Houston interior painting project, Sherwin-Williams released their new SnapDry Semi-Gloss Interior Exterior Door and Trim Paint to help your painting jobs go faster. This new paint dries in a fraction of the time of other trim paints and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can increase efficiency and reduce downtimes by getting sleek, attractive results in as little as an hour and you can close your door without it sticking.

?Our revolutionary new paint dries in as little as one hour, so you can close your doors and windows sooner and not worry about sticking,? states Steve Revnew, Sr. Vice President of marketing and product innovation at Sherwin-Williams. Despite the fast dry time, this finish remains strong enough to stand the test of time, indoors or out.

SnapDry Door and Trim Paint is made with a water based formula and is not only easy to clean up but that helps make it extremely durable. You can apply SnapDry paint by either brush, roller, or spray so it?s also versatile. The interior and exterior acrylic latex paint is resistant to dirt, fingerprints, block, UV rays, and weathering. It has a semi-gloss finish, and is available in almost any color, with Extra White, Deep and Ultra Deep base options. However, the best part is that it meets the most stringent VOC regulations with <50g/L VOCs. SnapDry is really quite easy to apply. First, you should remove all hardware from your door. Next, you want to wash out dirt and grime from your door and let it dry. Then, lightly sand your door with a sanding sponge and wipe with a damp cloth to further clean your door. Following this, apply painter's tape around your doorknob, windows, hinges, and any other area you do not want to get paint on. Covering your door knob with aluminum foil helps fully protect it from paint. Once you?ve applied the coverage needed, you can apply primer. Then when the primer dries, apply the first coat of the SnapDry Door and Trim Paint. Once dry, apply a second coating of SnapDry Paint. After about an hour your door will be looking fresh and beautiful and you can simply close it and walk away. Door painting sounds easy enough, but if you?d rather not risk it, Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, can come out and take care of your exterior and/or interior door painting needs so you can keep that hour to yourself. We can also paint it alongside the rest of your house or apartment?s exterior. Contact us today!

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