Does Painting Your Home Add Value?

Eddie Shekari
March 21, 2022
A fresh coat of paint can refresh your house’s interior and exterior walls, as well as add value to your home. The Houston real estate market is booming, with 49,800 people moving to Houston within the last year, according to Forbes’12 Migration Data. Right now is the perfect opportunity to list your home on the market. 

Are you still wondering, “does painting your home add value?” It’s time to learn how an updated paint job is the easiest and most cost-effective way to add value to your home

How Does a Paint Job Add Value to Your Home?

You can quickly increase your home’s value by thousands of dollars by hiring professional painters to renovate the interior and exterior of your house

A fresh coat of paint can add value to your home, however, a paint job is only an essential part of the selling process if the paint job is done correctly. There is a multitude of things to consider for your home improvement painting project to increase its property’s value, which includes: 

  • Prioritize painting the main rooms of the house 
  • Neutral colors on the interior and exterior of the home 
  • Choosing the correct finish for each pertaining room
  • Touch-up damaged areas 

Painting common areas like living rooms can add value to your home

Homes Increase in Value by Prioritizing which Rooms are Painted First

Depending on personal finances, a complete paint job can be a hefty expense. That’s why it is highly recommended to prioritize the rooms that either have the most foot traffic or are the most visible spaces. It’s important to paint the areas that will immediately capture a homebuyer’s attention, such as the entryway, hallways, living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. 

The reason we recommend prioritizing rooms is simply that the professional painters may finish painting those essential spaces, and you decide that’s perfectly fine and no more exterior or interior painting is required. 

Painting your home in neutral colors can add home value

Homes Increase in Value with Neutral Colors on the Interior and Exterior’s Walls

Potential buyers love a fresh coat of paint on the walls, predominantly neutral colors. A beautiful minimalist color goes with just about anything, allowing homebuyers to envision their life and furniture at home. Choosing the right colors is what adds value to your home. We suggest people select neutral colors ⁠— white, blue, beige, and gray. 

  • White & Cream: Perfect for exteriors, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms

It will brighten up your room while making the space look more inviting and ultimately feel bigger. It appears as a clean canvas to a homebuyer. 

  • Light Blue: Perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms 

Surprisingly, light blue is considered a neutral color and is popular in bathrooms and bedrooms. It creates a relaxed atmosphere for people; the color exudes comfortability and coziness. 

  • Gray & Beige: Perfect for exteriors,  living rooms, bedrooms

Gray and beige are perfect neutrals for your home’s interiors and exterior walls. They offer elegance and sophistication to a house. 

Flat paint finishes are perfect for living rooms

Homes Increase in Value by Using the Correct Finish

Applying the correct neutral color is only the first step to an excellent paint job. Different finishes impact how the color pops within a room; we recommend the following for each room: 

  • Flat and Eggshell Finish: Perfect for master bedroom, dining room, living room ceiling

They are ideal for areas with less foot traffic and exposed to the least amount of dirt. Furthermore, a flat finish perfectly obscures all blemishes on scratched-up walls. 

  • Satin and Semi-Gloss Finish: Perfect for exteriors, bathrooms, kid’s bedrooms, dining rooms, laundry rooms, kitchens

This finish allows you to clean up dirty surfaces easily and offers a higher gloss to your home. They even are perfect for the exterior of your home as it satisfies basic maintenance, as well as offer curb appeal to potential buyers. 

  • High-Gloss Finish: Perfect for all interiors and exterior surfaces 

The high-gloss finish has the highest durability, easy to clean up messes, and is ideal for high-touch areas; however, they are the hardest to apply, compared to the other paint finishes. 

Touch up any damaged paint in your home to not lose value

Homes Increase in Value by Touching-Up Damaged Areas

Home improvements should always include touching-up damaged areas, from chipped paint to noticeable wear and tears. Paint deterioration stands out to potential buyers. Examine the house properly and note all the spots and scratches that will need to be repainted. A simple touch-up dramatically improves the aesthetics and values of the home. 

Add Value to Your Home with Pro Painters

Does painting your home add value? Well, homebuyers are usually only willing to spend thousands of dollars on a property that has painted the interiors and exteriors a neutral color, used the correct finishes and sheens, and touched up all damaged areas of the home. Besides a home improvement painting project adding value to your home, it also makes your house easier to sell and more attractive to potential buyers. 

However, call the Pros if you don’t want to spend your own time or energy painting your home. Pro Painters can make it the best on the block. Our interior and exterior painting experts can offer color selection options to ensure your home is consistent in color and texture. Hiring professional painters means getting the job done right, as well as increasing your property’s value. Contact us today for a free painting quote.

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