Upgrading your DIY Project with a Sanding System

Eddie Shekari
August 11, 2017

When you?re excited for your first coat of primer or paint for your next home project or new business, an uneven, dusty surface can ruin the mood. Investing in a good sanding system can cut down surface prep time drastically. These sanding systems merge a vacuum with a sander to sand down rough surfaces and collect the dust. Drywall dust is a nuisance and clings to light fixtures and the walls. Living in a dusty environment is hazardous to your health; a sanding system can not only make your paint job look better, but help you breathe better.

Examine the Space

When choosing the right system, make sure you look first at the job you have on hand. What essentially are you doing? Sanding inside corners, stripping the walls to bare wood, sanding in between paint coats? If your surface area has uneven floorboards, you?ll need a sander that fits perfectly for one of the planks. A sander even 1 inch too big will not be able to lay flat and fit. If you?re going to be working on the ceiling, make sure you choose a sander that is light enough to work with so you won?t struggle to hold it or become unstable on a ladder. If the space only requires small sanding, a small hand sander would do. Ask any store employee to make sure you?re getting the right sander for the job.

Decide if You Need the Vacuum Component

Especially for large jobs, the drywall dust will become taxing to clean up. Consider if you need to have a vacuum on your sanding system to sand and clean as you go. Any system with a fully certified HEPA vacuum, is the top choice for a clean job. Choose a system that?ll allow you to also adjust the airflow on the sander so the tool doesn?t get sucked to the surface and make swirl marks. Make sure you speak with an expert or do some research on which vacuum component you?ll need, or if you could clean the dust yourself.

Figure Out if an Air Scrubber is Necessary

Even with the vacuum, there still will be some dust, dirt, and odor in the air. Using a negative-air machine, or scrubber, will leave even the air clean. Spending the money on a scrubber isn?t necessary, unless you?re doing very large jobs frequently, however.

Stick to Your Budget

Remember, sanding systems are an investment. If you find yourself sanding frequently enough to need one, a sanding system is a great option for efficiency and professional-grade work. Do a cost-benefit analysis, to see if investing is worth it for you. If it is, sanding systems can save you so much time and energy.

When you have everything sanded and ready for paint, let Pro Painters know if you need any help. There?s nothing wrong with leaving it to the professionals. As the premiere Houston painting contractor, we?ve been trusted for over 20 years for Houston exterior painting. We make sure the job is done right, the first time. Contact us today for a free quote.

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