Decorate Your Deck

Eddie Shekari
June 2, 2017

Individually wanting to be different than your neighbors will help a house feel more like a home, and Pro Painters, your Houston painting company, suggests several different ways to create this homey feeling. Your freshly stained deck has the ability to enhance your home?s appeal and value by creating a safe space, outside.

Colors influence our emotions. Depending on your deck color, it can make you feel relaxed, stressed, worried, or happy. This is why clear, translucent, and semi translucent stain have little to no extra color added, making you feel right at ease with nature. Semi solid and solid are bold and dominant for covering any blemishes, creating a feeling of safety. Whether you choose the clear, translucent, semi translucent, semi solid, or solid wood, opacity is essential when it comes to garnishing your deck.

There are lots of hard decisions to be made when it comes to laying out your new deck so color choice shouldn?t be one of them. If you?re wanting the deck to stand out, try picking colors that are close to the house?s trim. Sticking to the house?s primary colors will give off a more unified look.

Don?t forget about the wood! Selecting the right wood is a necessity for pulling together your space, but there are so many different types to pick from; you might not be sure which one is right for you. To have a grainy and glamorous shine, pairing any translucent stain with a darker, more expensive wood will do the trick. When picking a lighter color wood, having a solid to go over cedar or yellow pine creates a strong weather blockade!

It?s important for your deck to be kept in good shape for a long period of time, no matter who stomps on it. Having to touch it up every other week is certainly not ideal. Composite decking is can help with this because it lasts the longest, although that doesn?t always mean it?s maintenance free. Arborcoat Solid Deck and Siding Stains will hold together the lasting paint..

If redoing your entire porch is not what you?re looking for then painting any outdoor furniture a brighter color will help originate your home. Bringing in something big and bright can balance out the naturalness of being outside. You can easily create an art project with a large, red rocking chair or blue side table and call it a day!

Don?t forget, people notice handrails and banisters even if you might not. Feeling put together will make your day just a little bit better. Staining these small but obvious accessories lets the inside combine with the outside. Just like how when your room feels together, you feel together, if the patio is organized, you are organized.

Home improvement projects can be made fun! You can do it yourself and spark up your patio, but if that proves to be too much of a hassle then feel free to contact us to take care of it. We love working on Houston exterior painting projects, whether it be your roof, driveway, or deck.

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Eddie Shekari

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