Decks to Die For

Eddie Shekari
October 26, 2017

Autumn brings with it family gatherings and more time spent in the outdoors in Houston.
Don?t let the season pass you by because you?re too embarrassed to have company hang out on your outdated deck. Needs ideas on how to optimize your space? We?ve got you covered!

Family Space

Make your deck an alfresco family room. Set up a table with chairs and a couch surrounded by a screen border with fans on the ceilings. Streamline it to match the house in a way that makes it a mystery as to whether the deck came with the house or is an add on.


Tier a deck to break up the monotony of a large flat space or to utilize different levels. Having multiple levels allow different vantage points. This works wonderfully if you would like to have a private space and a public space. Each level can be devoted to a certain activity, like barbecuing or reading.

Contemporary Railing

Safety should always be a top priority and you don?t have to sacrifice style to achieve it. You can buy a railing with glass or see-through slats to keep up with a hip design. What you want to consider with your selection is how well it will hold up during various weather conditions and how easy it will be to maintain.

Wrap Around Deck

A wrap around deck works wonders with a panoramic view, but it does present some challenges during construction. Make sure to determine a unifying decking pattern that works well with the existing lines of the house. Pulled off correctly, such a deck can offer an area for public and private activities just by turning the corner.

Built-in Seating

Having built-in seating can be great for parties in the backyard as a compliment to additional furniture. The only problem is that it?s stuck where it is so you have to be certain you like the location!

Dining Deck

Something to consider: painting a design, such as flowers, on your wooden deck. It can function as a dining room with a large nice table and some chairs. Try adding some simple copper planters for decor and a retractable awning to really give your deck some glamour.

Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, loves working in the outdoors during this time of year! We specialize in Houston exterior painting, but also power washing, so let us know if you have a deck in need of a refresh. We are happy to tackle this project, as well as others, for you!

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