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Eddie Shekari
January 29, 2016

Are you needing color added to a concrete patio or steps outside your home, but you aren?t sure what products to use? What about working on your foundation or an industrial construction project? Well, I have below descriptions of five of the best products on the market for these purposes with detailed explanations on how they work. Houston exterior painting can be tough with our ever changing weather, but we would love to lead you in the right direction.

Sherwin Williams? All Surface Enamel Latex Primer ?offers excellent adherence to concrete and masonry surfaces, plus it provides a high degree of breathability,? according to James Alisch, managing director of Wow 1 Day Painting in Vancouver, BC. Since concrete contracts or expands, depending on the weather, the elasticity this product provides is very important. The oil base allows it to settle into a smooth finish and it is less likely to peel or fade due to its high resistance to damage from the elements.

For masonry, Joel Hamburg of Joel Hamburg Painting in Portland, OR prefers CTS Cement’s Rapid Set WunderFixx. He says it is a fast-setting, durable, one-component, premium-grade hydraulic cement/polymer patching product.? It can be used for any type of patching on concrete, stucco, steps, porches, and floors. WunderFixx blends in with any texture after being mixed with aggregates and the material?s strength is achieved in an hour. The low PH allows you to move forward without waiting and it can be primed with any acrylic primer/sealer.

Sherwin Williams? Loxon Concrete & Masonry Primer is self-priming, affordable, and can be tinted in various colors. This product has great uniformity, tolerates high alkalinity levels, and goes on at a few millimeters thick. It also gets the concrete free of contaminants before painting. Loxon has the approval of Noah Winkles, VP of New Life Painting in Santa Maria, CA, and Steve Weakly, director of production for Brush Masters in Maple Grove, MN.

Rudd Company, Inc.?s SkimStone is great for work over concrete because it is an overlayment that completely changes the nature and look of the surface it is applied to. It works for interior and exterior, and even on wood! The finished product can be very dramatic and change the entire feel of a room. Dan Ross of Ross Painting in San Rafael, CA says ?The process fills/repairs cracks and chips in the floor, and creates a beautiful and interesting finished floor that does not require the added expense of installing carpet, wood or tile.?

Sherwin Williams? Loxon Block Surfacer is versatile for every type of finish. It is used with fresh mortar to fill and seal in the pores, but it is luckily lightweight and easy to apply. Sam J. Cicero Sr., founder of Cicero?s Development Corporation in Plainfield, IL, claims that ?it can be applied just a week after being poured.?

So whether you are needing work for concrete or masonry, you can call upon Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, to utilize whichever one of these products that best suits your specific project.

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