Commercial Roof Coating Systems

Eddie Shekari
May 29, 2015

There is a cheaper alternative to scraping your leaky or energy inefficient roof. Commercial roof coating systems are a product that Pro Painters, a Houston painting company, has recently started offering for Houston businesses. Adding a roof coating system is a way to strengthen and weatherproof roofs that no longer stand up to the elements or transfer too much heat into the building.

When a warehouse or other commercial building roof begins to leak, it can be a huge financial and personal hassle to find out whether or not it needs to be replaced. Recent developments in the way that roofs are surfaced and repaired mean that you now have more options. No matter what kind of roof you have, Pro Painters has trained and certified installers that can apply patch leaks, giving your roof longevity while also increasing its energy efficiency.

BUR vs Traditional Roof Coating

Traditional built-up roofing systems use gravel to hold the roofing materials in place and prevent harmful UV rays from coming in direct contact with the shingles or bitumen products and wearing them down. Roof coating systems have the ability to bond with the roof itself, constructing a monolithic surface that resists leaks and eases energy cooling costs. These savings are especially important in a hot area such as Houston, where cutting back energy usage for a large warehouse or business space can mean significant financial savings.

Elastomeric Coating

Uniflex Elastomeric roof coating is designed to restore and protect metal roofs from further degradation and also to extend the useful life of the roof. The benefits of cool roof coatings are that they’re designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb more heat than an uncoated roof. This allows the installation of a cool roof or elastomeric coating to reduce heat energy absorbed by decreasing air-conditioning costs and decreasing overall roof temperatures. These changes ultimately lead to an extended service life of the roof and lower utility bills.

The way this works is the white color of the roof coating absorbs much less heat than a darker surface such as uncoated metal, gravel, or shingles. Up to 85% of the thermal energy that would have been transferred into your structure is reflected off of the roof instead of absorbed. The very fact that your structure has been treated will also increase the value of the property versus one with an uncoated roof.

Whether you’re looking to coat an entire warehouse or just patch over a bothersome leak, Pro Painters can help you for commercial roof coating systems. Follow the link here to learn more about our roof coating systems or call 281.990.0717 now for a free quote.

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