Commercial Maintenance

Eddie Shekari
June 19, 2015

Commercial buildings are not typically the kind of projects you want to tackle on your own. Here are some reasons why it?s time to bite the bullet and hire some professional help for your business?s next facelift.

Keeping Up Appearances

Hiring painters that look professional and will be able to work around your business or warehouse while it remains open and functional is essential to being able to let go of the stress usually associated with large painting projects.

When finding a contractor, using local help will increase the likelihood that you?ll find someone who cares about, lives in, and gives back to your surrounding community. They have a reputation to uphold and will go the extra mile for your project to keep their good name.

The Right Kind of Tools for the Job

Painting a commercial building is not the same as slapping a new coat of paint onto your house every few years. Walls can be too high and dangerous to tackle with just a ladder. There can be strange nooks and crannies that foil the best efforts of your roller and even with the best of intentions, if you don?t work fast enough or know the right temperatures for paint application, then you can be left with sections that dry faster than others. This can create mismatched areas of your paint job.

A professional painting contractor will be able to forgo the ladder and use a cherry picker when your walls become too lofty. They will have the skills to operate the equipment safely and the knowledge of which tool is best for your wall?s texture and specific needs, whether that be a roller, spray, or brush for the finer details.

Know the Risks

A good contractor will ensure that your project lives up to certain standards during and after the painting process.

There are many things that can go wrong with a coat of paint and not all of them are easy to fix if you don?t have professional help. The paint can have runs where the thickness increases; it can be stippled from an overzealous use of the roller. The texture of the paint
can be off due to improper removal of a previous base coat or an incomplete application of primer. There can be overspray on nearby areas from airborne paint, and there is also the possibility that paint can drip or splatter onto surfaces nearby that weren?t covered meticulously. It?s a lot to worry about for one project and a lot to have to learn for a once-in-a-few-years fresh coat of paint.

Why Pro Painters for Houston Commercial Painting

Pro Painters has been serving the Houston Metro area for over 20 years. We were founded in 1995 to meet a growing need for high-quality residential and commercial painting in the Houston area and have made our name in providing projects with quality and value.

These two principles are the guiding force in our work?no matter how large or small the project, we believe that every one of our customers is seeking excellence, and that?s why we only use dependable, brand-name materials and paints.

If you?d like to hire Pro Painters for your next Houston painting project, give us a call for a free quote at 281-990-0717. We?d love to help.

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Eddie Shekari

Eddie founded Pro Painters in 1995 to meet the growing need for high-quality residential and commercial painting needs in Houston. In nearly 20 years, Pro Painters has exponentially grown our client base, serving residents across the greater Houston area. Our core principles have helped us achieve the highest standard of workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our years of experience have allowed us to become an extension to our customers as the all-in-one solution for home makeovers.