Breaking Down Commercial Interior Painting Cost

Eddie Shekari
November 29, 2018

Perhaps you are a business owner and your office space is in need of a fresh batch of paint. Or, you may be a restaurant owner with a vision for walls that reflect your shop’s ambient lighting. For business owners especially, a well-done interior is essential in curating a space that a client or customer can feel comfortable in. We are here to help you understand commercial interior painting cost, which involves more than just the cost of supplies.

The Average Cost Interior Painting

A high-quality bucket of paint can cost as much as $30. A gallon of paint is able to cover roughly 400 square feet. Figuring out total square footage is an important first step in estimating how much paint is needed to complete a project. The amount of paint needed will definitely play a role in how high your total cost will be as well as how long it will take to paint an area, keeping in mind that painting a dark wall a lighter color often requires several coats of paint. When you go to hire professionals, you can work with them to show them your vision for your interior. Let them know what parts of the space you want to be painted. For example, do you want the wall and ceiling painted? This specific information should be discussed before any supplies are purchased. An average painter should cover between 150 and 200 square feet an hour. A professional commercial painting contractor may charge between $50-$100 per hour for painting services. For a 1,000 square foot project priced at 75 dollars per hour, this comes out to about $500 dollars.


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Why Hire The Professionals?

The main reason why someone may choose to paint their interior themselves rather than hire professionals is labor cost. When you hire someone for a painting project, you are paying for both supplies and the labor that is required. While some see this as an unnecessary cost, you are paying for knowledge, expertise, and the guarantee that the job is done right. Nothing is guaranteed, when you complete the job by yourself, especially if you need windows and doors painted, which require specific tools and skills.

Another important part of a painting job that is often overlooked is the prep work that goes into a project before any painting is even started. A professional will know to measure every square foot to understand how much paint is needed. A professional will also know which tools should be used for certain areas.

Pro Tip: Write down the brand of paint used and the name of the color chosen. You may need touch-ups in the future, and will want to know exactly what color has been used. If you decide to mix paints, you will especially need to make sure you list the amount of each paint that you used. For example, did you use 50% black and 50% ivory to attain a grey color? That is important to note for future touch-ups, or you might find yourself having to repaint an entire space with a new color.

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Finding A Reputable Professional Painter

Once you have considered the benefits of hiring professionals, your next step is to research your options. There are plenty of sites that allow customers to review businesses, including pictures as examples. You can also visit a painter’s website to view their portfolio of previous work and see if their experience matches what you desire for your own space.

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In addition to supplies costs, painting costs for the actual job to be done may vary. Most businesses are able to give an estimate, but keep in mind that some professionals may charge you just for that service alone. Here at Pro Painters, we do more than just residential painting. We offer commercial painting services, and no space is too big. In addition to our exterior paint services, an important service that we offer is interior painting. With all of this information in mind, there is no need to guess how much money and time you can save by hiring Pro Painters to get your interior and exterior painting job done. Receive your free estimate today by visiting our website and filling out some basic information that will help us configure a cost estimate for you.


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