ColorSnap Precision Color Accuracy

Eddie Shekari
August 19, 2016

Have you heard? Sherwin-Williams recently launched their new ColorSnap Precision system to simplify paint selection. Sherwin-Williams teamed up with IDEO, an international design and consulting firm, to help simplify the color selection experience for both professionals and DIY people.

?We were honored to work with Sherwin-Williams to reimagine the color selection journey through the lens of the company?s many diverse customers. After a thoughtful and iterative design process, we?re excited to see ColorSnap come to life,? stated Michelle Ha Tucker, portfolio director at IDEO.

To ensure that the paint you apply is consistent and touch ups match perfectly, avoid purchasing paint from paint providers that use third-party manufacturing. Using third parties to manufacture base products or colorants can have negative results in the final tinted paint. You don?t have to worry about this dilemma with the ColorSnap system. ColorSnap Precision is the technology inside the system which uses color formulas that are engineered to ensure color consistency and reliable touch-ups. Each gallon of Sherwin-Williams Paint is powered by this ColorSnap Precision, which makes your paint color selection super-fast and easy.

For a readily available option on the go, you can also download ColorSnap Precision Visualizer on iPhones, iPads, Androids, and online. With the mobile app, customers can scan the color chip they selected with their smartphone for instant access to rooms featuring that color, options for coordinating colors, and more. How cool is that?

With 4,000 locations and 2,400 field reps throughout the U.S., you can count on Sherwin-Williams to provide paint that is beyond easy to match. Sherwin-Williams? color formulas, finish options, and colors are carefully designed to work as an integrated system, making your job simpler.

?We know professionals expect consistent color delivery for every project, from minor touch-ups to large-scale buildings,? states Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. ?With ColorSnap Precision, and our entire collection of tools, Sherwin-Williams ensures customers enjoy a seamless and efficient experience, from paint selection to application.? Thanks to Sherwin-Williams integrated design, ColorSnap Precision delivers consistency and accuracy every single time.

Knowing this, we would hope you would choose Sherwin Williams for your painting projects, like we do for nearly all of our Houston painting services. Pro Painters are your residential and commercial painting contractors, so give us a chance to prove the ColorSnap accuracy to you with a remodeling job of perfection. We aim to please with a five-year warranty on all residential projects and a one-year warranty on all commercial projects. We stand by the Sherwin Williams promise that your new and old color will blend into each other after patching.

For more information on the ColorSnap Precision phenomena by Sherwin Williams visit their website at

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Eddie Shekari

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