ColorSnap by Sherwin Williams

Eddie Shekari
January 15, 2016

Looking to make some updates to your house or office in the new year? Sherwin Williams has some fabulous news about what it?s offering in the way of Houston painting services. The company has set up a new ColorSnap system which utilizes online and offline tools alike, in addition to an in-store display, to make color selection more efficient. It means exactly what it sounds like: you pick your color in a snap. This new innovation improves the ease and speed of color selection, with the addition of new colors! At the end of March it will be available in all 4,000 Sherwin-Williams stores throughout North America.

This method is ideal for new customers and veterans. The colors are grouped by family and also from bright to neutral. There is also a new category for whites, subtle grays, and other neutral colors. Believe it or not, the whole thing consists of 1500 carefully curated hues regrouped and almost 200 new colors. Each of these color families exists on one of 24 rotating panels. By turning it customers can see a selection of almost 50 paint chips of distinct colors within that family. The display also contains two by three-inch take-home color chips, which are bigger than the old strips we are used to, to allow customers a better idea of how colors will look in their space. On top of this, a central work area will be added for you to arrange and review your color choices, explore tools, and interact with experts. You can even take home nine new color guides and 12 postcards designed to educate, inspire, and simplify color selection. What an exciting new development!

This system integrates seamlessly with SherColor Advanced Color Matching Technology to fine-tune color formulas definitively for every product and sheen. This ensures consistency and accuracy when you want to match furniture or paint from another brand. Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin Williams, says ?With the ColorSnap system, we?ve created a completely new way to navigate color. It provides a solution to easily explore and find color any way you choose – in your Sherwin-Williams store, at home, in the office, or on the go.? Thus, customers are no longer limited to driving into the store and taking extra time out of their day to figure out which colors they want, but can arrive already knowing what they want to purchase. In-store testing found that, on average, consumers were able to select their choice color in 60% less time with the new display.

In addition to the latest display and online version, Sherwin Williams will also be releasing an improved fan deck with all of these colors showcased in a durable case with a band to hold it securely. It will include a gloss and sheen reference as well as a ColorPrime gray-shade primers reference.

So whether you want to try out the new system yourself to do your own painting, or contact us, your Houston painting company, to do it for you, Sherwin Williams? ColorSnap system is going to make everyone?s painting life a little bit easier.

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