Colormix 2017

Eddie Shekari
January 9, 2017

Every year Sherwin-Williams comes up with some distinct color palettes which they feel represent the current trends in society and culture. This year?s four color palette creations are called: Noir, Holistic, Intrepid, and Unbounded. They consist of ten colors each, offering you the option of designing your house for whatever mood best suits you. Whether that be a more subdued, classic look or a wild, attention-grabbing one, Sherwin-Williams has the best choices on the market for this new year.

Noir Palette

First off is the Noir palette, which obviously focuses on dark colors, meant to celebrate the night and recharge the spirit. The colors stem from vine-ripe fruits with moody neutrals, Nordic blues, and golden yellow. This gives an aura of new romanticism blended with medieval patterns with a subtle touch of beauty. The idea comes from Dutch painting masters who understood that darker hues add drama to create a sensuous luster. Luckily this style can be pulled off well in both residential and commercial properties.

Holistic Palette

On the other hand, the Holistic palette is all about bringing the concept of doing good into the look of the room. It shoots for transparency and a sustainable design. Blush rose, arctic neutrals, forest floor green, and wild browns make up this palette. The end effect is a balanced look which displays itself as the adult version of pastels. It works well for resting spaces with its soothing warm and cool tones revealing a nature-esque vibe.

Intrepid Palette

Intrepid comes from a more youth-inspired background, with feisty colors revealing an impatience for change in the world. This influence creates a retro inspired palette pairing vibrant colors with monochromatic ones. The modern feel combines with a 70?s one, including geometric patterns and bright lights. This palette can work quite well in hospitality businesses since it blends bold concepts with technology based ideas.

Unbounded Palette

And finally, Unbounded captures global consciousness in earthy mustards and browns, plus ocean blues and corals. It reveals a design with a sense of diverse populations. This emanates a story of cultures being forced to mingle through migration and share a unified vision. Using foreign patterns and textures with these colors is a great way to make a striking new look in any room.

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