Colormix 2016

Eddie Shekari
October 30, 2015

Each color has an aura. To an extent, each color has a certain influence on us, and when arranged in an ensemble, they can yield an even greater impact. When combined, some are more aesthetically pleasing than others and each evoke a certain emotion or feeling. This is no more apparent than in Sherwin Williams? Colormix 2016. Colormix is a showcase done once a year and displays several groupings of unique color combinations which are predicted to be the leading color schemes in the year ahead. This year they revealed four major color groupings which each hold their own unique expressions: Pura Vida, Mas Amor Por Favor, Nouveau Narrative, and Trajectory. If you have any questions about this blog or color arrangements in general, we encourage you to seek a one-on-one consultation with Pro Painters, a Houston Painting Company.


Pura Vida

Pura Vida derives its color palette from nature. Whether it?s wind sheared limestone or the fading sunset, it borrows its range from a timeless cosmic spectrum. It also gains inspiration from the four elements: wind, water, fire, and earth. It is a rustic ode to everything that once was and everything that will be. In addition, the colors are also a beacon for healing. They are a gentle reminder to slow down, unplug, and live in the moment. You can find solace in these colors because they reveal an innate balance within us all, allowing us to breath and live well.

SW 6156 Ramie

SW 6162 Ancient Marble

SW 7008 Alabaster

SW 6043 Unfussy Beige

SW 6044 Doeskin

SW 6148 Wool Skein

SW 7568 Neutral Ground

SW 7050 Useful Gray

SW 7052 Gray Area

SW 7048 Urbane Bronze


Mas Amor Por Favor

Mas Amor Por Favor is about change and frivolous engagements. It offers a unique juxtaposition of the youthful social media interactions of the 21st Century and the mirthful Rococo art movement of the 18th Century. It is a reminder to live and love for the sake of living and loving. Riddled with decadent floral pastels, it offers a simple, yet bold statement: stop and smell the flowers. It conveys fresh and whimsical emotions, while oddly still holding meaningful and conductive qualities.


SW 6396 Different Gold

SW 6457 Kind Green

SW 6424 Tansy Green

SW 6680 Friendly Yellow

SW 6311 Memorable Rose

SW 7041 Van Dyke Brown

SW 6309 Charming Pink

SW 6573 Juneberry


Nouveau Narrative

The Nouveau Narrative is about the beauty of the story. We all have stories to offer and they are enriched by the profound experiences of our past. This color palette is filled with allegories of deep rustic sophistication which grants an aura of refined knowledge. It holds a finite link between the brass and brazen colors of the industrial age and the sharp maturity of the modern era. It is rugged, yet refined. It reflects the stoic wisdom of the past while holding a sobered gaze to the future. ?

SWF 340 Relic Bronze Metallic

SW 7025 Backdrop

SW 7532 Urban Putty

SW 7027 Well-Bred Brown

SW 2848 Roycroft Pewter

SW 0037 Morris Room Grey

SW 7592 Crabby Apple

SW 2815 Renwick Olive

SW 6244 Naval

SW 6241 Aleutian



Trajectory is the modern age incarnate. It is embodied by a sharp metallic spirit oscillating in a constant rigid flux. It?s colors range from a cool shimmering aqua to a deep hard-lined purple. Trajectory pays homage to the modern digital age and basks in its sedated sterile comforts. When used properly it can give the viewer a feeling of blissful control as well as an overall sense of balance and security.

SWF 302 Pewter Cast Metallic

SW 6265 Quixotic Plum

SW 7613 Aqua-Sphere

SW 6229 Temple Star

SW 6551 Purple Passage

SW 7577 Blackberry

With Sherwin Williams Colormix 2016, you can find a wide variety of colors to enrich your unique living space. For more information on Colormix 2016 as well as a visual guide to the palettes described, please click here. Also, feel free to contact your local Commercial Painting Contractors for additional assistance or support.

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