Color of the Year: Violet Verbena

Eddie Shekari
February 6, 2017

What is Violet Verbena?

This year?s color, selected by PPG Pittsburgh Paints, is Violet Verbena, a soothing, light violet shade which verges on looking gray. This color will add luxury and depth to the room of your choosing, with its nuanced shade, that blends masculine and feminine into a modern, mystic look, is perfect for creating that bohemian effect in your home.

Where Should This Paint Go?

Luckily, Violet Verbena has a chameleon-like presence and will adapt to the environment around it. This color can complement many different design aesthetics, whether it be a tranquil space or playful room. Feel free to utilize Violet Verbena for whatever mood you?re in, and let it make a statement in a bedroom, living room, game room, or even a bathroom! It works quite well with shades of off-white and brown.

How Was This Color Chosen?

How does PPG Pittsburgh Paints decide that this single paint color represents the year of 2017? Well, they find over 20 experts from all over the world and lock them in a room together for three days, an event called the Global Color Meeting.

On the first day, the experts show their mood boards, Pinterest boards, and magazine cut outs to reveal the past 12 months of preparation they?ve undergone. Then, during day two, they decide on themes. For example, this past year was gray, due to our economic recession. On day three, the experts argue until they have settled on four color trends. From this point, they must fight it out until a final decision is made on the single most representative shade for our year ahead. Now, that?s a tough job we don?t envy!

Violet Verbena in Your Home

If you?re set on using this paint for your ?gypsy lifestyle,? it can be purchased at independent, locally-owned paint retailers, such as Regency Paint or Primer In One. This paint is the finest interior option they offer, with incomparable durability, and it even repels stains!

Pro Painters can apply Violet Verbena in your house, as well as other Houston interior painting ideas you may have in mind. We specialize in Houston residential painting, as well as commercial, and with over 20 years of experience, we know how to make a color blend well with the rest of the furnishings in your home. Sometimes it takes an expert to make your entire vision come together, so reach out to us now and let us make your interior decorating dream come true!

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