Color of the Year: 2018

Eddie Shekari
February 12, 2018

Announcing Oceanside

Every year Sherwin Williams has a bunch of color experts put their heads together to decide on the shade that represents the new year. This year, Oceanside SW 6496 has been announced as this outstanding hue! This shade combines blue and green into a vivid teal color reminiscent of the water in the ocean, hence the name. It?s a deep, complex color with a good equal blend of blue and green that makes it stand out and catch the eye of anyone walking into a room.

Oceanside Anywhere

Blue is considered the most beloved color around the world. It has many associations and moods from all of the various hues which people conceive as honest, intelligent, and interesting. That?s why this color can work in just about any location. An Oceanside covered front door would be welcoming, an office clear and creative, a bedroom introspective and meditative. The look stems from traditional and contemporary ideas, leading to a modern, Mediterranean-inspired design style. Take this shade and apply it anywhere you want to send a message to those residing in the area.

Color Combos

Oceanside pair wonderfully with a slew of other colors in the Sherwin Williams line. It works as a bright counterpart to Exuberant Pink SW 6840 or Honey Bees SW 9018, which are also eye-catching, however, it can also create a relaxing feel alongside different blues, like Adrift SW 7608 or In the Navy SW 9178. It can even work with copper metallic tones or corals because this marine shade has a timeless association with nature. Decide on a larger background area for Oceanside based on the current complementary shades in the room or buy new accessories to match it after painting it on the wall. However you decide to do it, you can make Oceanside fit into any given space.

Pro Painters Involvement

We know how beautiful Oceanside can make your home or office, so we would love to help apply it to your walls. Pro Painters, your Houston painting company, offers a variety of Houston painting services, including drywall repair and cabinet staining in addition to basic painting. We?ve been busy with flood repair work post Hurricane Harvey, but we are more than happy to add you to our schedule as soon as we have availability. Give us a shout today so we can get you a free quote!

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