Choosing the Right White Paint

Eddie Shekari
February 2, 2018

It can be difficult to pick the shade which is ?just so? when it comes to white paint. Some vere more ivory toned while others appear brighter and others still more gray, yet they all send a different message when you enter a room. Read on to discover which white speaks what you are looking to convey in your house.

Cool Whites

Cool whites pair well with other cool colors, such as blue, green, or purple. They work best with deeply saturated colors. They create a clean look but also offer a good contrast to darker colors. Sunlight goes well with these shades since they offset natural light that is inherently warm. Artwork will stand out and appear prominently in a room with this type of white and background colors. A color combo example is Pure White with Lakeshore.

Warm Whites

Warm white have a base of red or yellow beneath them and will make any room welcoming. Decor and furnishings are a good idea in this room. They will allow for smooth transitions as you go from room to room. Also consider using it alongside wood since these shades complement natural materials for an organic flow. An example of this would be Dover White with Midnight.

Pure Whites

A pure white contains the least amount of undertone, making it easiest to pair with accent colors in your furniture or decor. Pure whites are bright and suitable for traditional, eclectic, rustic or modern spaces so take one and have fun with it! Your bold colors will stand out the most against one of these. We suggest trying Extra White with Crabby Apple.


Sometimes it?s hard to imagine the right paint against the background of your home. That?s why we think you should check out the ColorSnap Studio Color Wall in the Sherwin Williams? store, which groups whites and off whites together, or use their visualizer on the website to upload your image and try out different shades on it:

Pro Painters specializes in Houston residential painting and would love to come out and see your home to provide you with a free quote today. Houston interior painting is one of our most popular services so we are more than happy to select the ideal shade of white to use on your walls or just paint them what you?ve already chosen. Give us a ring before the spring time rush!

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