Ceiling Painting at its Finest

Eddie Shekari
June 10, 2016

Ever wondered how to effectively paint your ceilings? If you are worried about the difficulty of the task and the amount of time it takes, you should be! Ceiling painting isn?t easy, and it?s one of the many Houston painting services that we here at Pro Painters offer, so give us a call today to take care of it for you!

People tend to think ceilings should just be skipped, but any time you paint walls the ceiling should truthfully be included, otherwise they will look dingy by comparison. However, make sure the ceiling isn?t damaged or covered in mildew, in case you need to repair it before painting. Also, patch holes and cracks and sand the area smooth. Use a stain blocker on stains, too, to make sure you begin your painting with the best foundation possible.

You should try using a paint made specifically for ceilings, like PPG?s acrylic latex ceiling paint. This paint has formulations which reduce splatter for less mess, and less sheen for less surface imperfections. Behr and Benjamin Moore also offer many ceiling specific paints. Using these flat paints over glossy wall paints will help hide mistakes that would show up under reflecting light.

You can use a color besides white or a high-gloss finish for a more dramatic look in the room. Having a ceiling that differs from the walls creates additional layers of color in the room. A current trend is to use a deep, light, or metallic color. Keep in mind, if you are wanting to venture out and use one of these unusual colors you will most likely have to buy wall paint over ceiling paint, since there are far less color options when it comes to ceiling paint.

The process to painting ceilings can be involved. You must use an extension pole, work quickly, and maintain a wet edge so as not to allow an uneven sheen or flashing. Be aware, textured ceilings require a thicker-nap roller. You can roll or spray along the width of the room; not the length, but each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Time spent working on larger ceilings can be reduced by using an airless paint sprayer. Spraying will mean the contents of the room need to be masked more, but it makes for the fastest and most uniform appearance.

This is the preferred method for popcorn ceilings since the material used on them is fragile. This type of ceiling also requires lower-viscosity paint to reduce the additional surface tension which causes delamination. Apply it in a slow, deliberate way to lessen the chance of damaging the texture. It?s also important to clean the ceiling with a feather duster prior to application and prime it appropriately. If it needs to be repaired, consider using a ceiling patch over a traditional gun and hopper method to save time. If not removing the texture, make sure to roll as few times as possible while still providing full coverage, so you don?t overwet the area and cause the texture to fall off.

Recessed ceilings don?t require any special paint or techniques, just more time on your part to get it done. These include highlighting accent features and cutting in small areas.

Regardless of the type of ceiling and how you want to handle it, these are trickier than simply working with walls, so you may want to contact us, your Houston painting contractor, to tackle it for you.

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