Can You Paint in the Rain? Why or Why Not?

Eddie Shekari
October 20, 2021

Want to know what’s not as fun as dancing in the rain? Painting in it. However, with our Houston weather, it’s difficult to predict what the weather will be like. And if you’re waiting for the perfect sunny day to paint your commercial or residential space, odds are you will find yourself waiting for a long time. So, can you paint in the rain? It depends, but lucky for you, we have all the answers to the questions you may be wondering. 


How Soon Can You Paint After It Rains?

First things first, if you want to paint your exterior walls, we recommend doing so after it rains. But how soon can you paint after a rainy day? The answer depends on many factors. The first thing to consider is how wet the surface is. If the surface is dry to the touch, you can use acrylic paint on your exterior walls as it will allow any remaining moisture to evaporate through the coating. It’s crucial to paint on a dry surface. If the surface is still wet, most paints can withstand rain after about 4 hours of drying time. 

Some key things to remember are that high humidity, dark colors, and cool temperatures slow up the drying process while wind and warm temperatures speed it up.

Latex paints need at least 2 hours of direct sunlight before they can be exposed to rain.

How Long Does Paint Need to Dry Before It Can Withstand Rain

This answer also varies depending on which type of paint you use. If you are using latex paint, you need a minimum of two hours of direct sunlight before it can be exposed to rain. Paint usually feels dry after an hour, but it can wash away if exposed to rain. Light rain will not completely wash away the paint, but you might need to go back to repaint it once it’s dry. Ideally, paint will need six hours of sunlight to dry completely, but five days of normal weather is idealistic to ensure a durable finish. 

A helpful tip to keep in mind is to look at the weather forecast and choose a time when the weather will be nice for a few days in a row.

It is best to paint in sunny weather and with dry walls.

When Can You Paint in the Rain?

While it’s ideal to paint your exterior walls in sunny weather, painting them while it rains is also possible as long as the rain doesn’t touch the walls throughout the process. This includes the initial unpainted surface and fully painted surface. To avoid the danger of taking on any moisture, be sure to completely cover all the areas with a giant plastic enclosure.

Paint will take a much longer time to dry during humid weather conditions, which will delay the time until you can apply a second coat, causing the entire process to take much longer than it would in dry weather. In general, you should avoid painting exterior walls when the relative humidity is above 70%. 



What About Painting Interior Walls While it’s Raining?

Although interior walls can be painted at any time regardless of the weather, it is still recommended to avoid painting the interior of your commercial or residential space during rainy weather. Since it is common to open windows while painting, remember to be careful that rain does not splash through onto painted window sills or walls. Like with exterior paint, interior paint will also take longer to dry in humid weather conditions. If your interior space feels humid because of the weather, turn on the air conditioning or a dehumidifier to avoid condensation from forming on the surface. 

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