The Calming Wall Paint Colors You Need for a Serene Home

Eddie Shekari
September 8, 2020

It is no secret that color psychology plays a role in the effect our environment has on internal processes. For example, red is a popular fast food color because it promotes not only hunger but rapid eating. Meanwhile, yellow is known for its energizing and even happiness-inducing effects. Of the three primary colors, though, the most beneficial may be blue. If you’re designing a space for home schooling this year and want to create a space that encourages focus, don’t forget the color. This key component of visual communication can help focus, connect information and enhance learning. 

Read on to learn how this versatile color can be one of the most calming wall paint colors to have in your home and to learn more about other ways you can get the most out of the primary colors. 

most calming wall color

What Is The Most Calming Wall Color?

Blue is the universal color known for its calming effects on the mind. It is known to ease anxiety and promote relaxation when chosen for a bedroom wall. If you want an even more serene bedroom, light purple (think lavender or lilac) is known to lull one to sleep. Different variations of blue or purple can all be classified as calming paint colors. Lighter shades of blue that mimic natural light such as light blue or blue-green are going to be a good choice for a calm living space.

best wall colors for homeschool and work for home

The Best Colors for Working From Home and Home Schooling

If possible, it is best to work from home and home school from a different area of the house than where you sleep. The wall color chosen for that room is important as you may not want to be surrounded by a sleep-inducing color while you work or study. Choosing calming wall paint colors for your home schooling space might differ for numerous reasons.

 If you? re a student, teacher, or a parent helping homeschooled children with homework, you might wonder how paint can affect learning. But just as colors can impact your mood, they also can enhance your memory and focus. Here are some wall colors that will help create and maintain a welcoming space: 

  • Off-White or Eggshell: Even though this color is often associated with bedrooms, most individuals do find themselves working on homework in their own personal space. Calming colors like off-white help the space become relaxing for the most tedious assignments, this can also improve positive feelings and engage thinkers. 
  • Red or Dark Colors: This color works well with storytelling and focus as to make sure that all assignments need to be done. These colors can be painted in dining rooms or kitchens where laptops most often end up. This will help trigger brain flow for creativity for having pops of color and enforcing alertness. Just don’t go too overboard with the color! 
  • Greens or Blues: If you are looking for a space for your child to mentally unwind or find them needing to take a break, having a space with a green/blue tone will help just with that. This will help them take a breath, become relaxed and allow their heartbeats to rest with the soothing color tone.

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