Best Paint Finish for Kitchens

Eddie Shekari
September 23, 2021

Upgrading your commercial kitchen or home for a fresh, new look can be as easy as painting the walls; however, choosing the right finish is a crucial step in the process. Though picking the right color might seem like the essential focus, the paint finish is what will truly keep it running smoothly for a long period of time—especially in high-traffic areas. Determine the right look and cleanability factor for your kitchen by following these tips on selecting the best paint finish for kitchens:

It's important to find the best paint finish for your kitchen.

Paint Finishes

Essentially, the type of paint finish you should get for your commercial kitchen or home depends on the style you want to achieve and the amount of maintenance needed. Are you looking to have shiny, smooth walls or subtle walls with a matte finish? Regardless of how you want your space to look, there’s a paint finish suited for any area in your kitchen.

Eggshell Paint Finish

  • Though eggshell finishes look and feel flat, they also have a slight gloss to them that reflects more light than matte finishes. With a more natural sheen, eggshell finishes give your kitchen a calm and soothing look; however it is not durable in areas where fumes and frying are a common occurrence, so it is recommended to use a darker paint color with this paint finish or use it in areas that receive low to moderate wear, such as ceilings. 

Satin Paint Finish

  • While satin paint finishes are similar to eggshell finishes, the difference is that a satin finish has more sheen to it giving your kitchen a soft, silky glow. Satin paints also tend to keep their original sheen, which allows multiple cleanings and resistance to mildew, stains, and dirt. Satin paint finishes make for an elegant look that is commonly used in kitchen pantries, closets, shelving, and in bathrooms. It is also recommended to use lighter or more neutral paint colors.

Semi-Gloss Paint Finish

  • Including anywhere from 40-70% of gloss, this finish reflects plenty of light with a delicate glow that isn’t too shiny. Semi-gloss paints are also much more durable finishes that can resist heavy washing without discoloration. This finish is highly recommended and is usually considered the best paint finish for kitchens since they are likely to be washed regularly due to grease accumulation and cooking fumes. The only downside to semi-gloss finishes is that the shininess exposes major flaws in walls, including cracks and creases. Semi-gloss finishes make a great choice for common kitchen areas—especially for the backsplash. 

Satin or semi-gloss finishes are the more common types of paint to use in a commercial kitchen or home, with satin paint used on the walls and semi-gloss paint used on cabinets or woodwork. Since eggshell paint finishes aren’t very durable, it is recommended to use this finish for ceilings or darker areas that do not require a consistent wash. 

Painting your kitchen has many benefits.

Advantages of Painting Your Kitchen

One of the most crucial things that a kitchen setting must be mindful of having is a high-quality paint finish on the walls that are washable and durable to any grease or stains. Not only is it sanitary to keep your kitchen walls clean, but it’s also pleasing to see a squeaky-clean kitchen rather than grease and dust splattered around the backsplash of the walls. Although most kitchens are painted with satin finishes, a high gloss finish is recommended for a commercial kitchen to give it more of an industrial look. 

Purchasing high-quality paint can also ensure that your kitchen walls will not peel or chip after a little wear and tear. We recommend using the following paint brands:

  • Sherwin-Williams™
  • BEHR™
  • Benjamin Moore®
  • PPG™
  • Glidden®

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