Real Estate 101: The Best Home Staging Paint Colors

Eddie Shekari
February 27, 2019

The Best Home Staging Paint Colors

Home staging is the activity in which a home is set up like a ?stage? for potential buyers to view. A staged home is made to stun and catch the eye. While furniture selection plays a major role in this process, the first step a?homeowner must take when they are staging their home for sale is painting the walls. Before bringing in any stunning furniture to complete a space, painting the walls sets the tone and foundation of the home you wish to display. While certain color palettes are constantly going in and out of style, there are tried and true home staging paint colors that will guarantee to connect with a wide audience of prospective home buyers.

Color Palettes

Because you are trying to appeal to a wide audience of potential buyers, it is generally better to stick to a simple color pallette. While one?s own home will usually have that flair of personal style to match one?s personality, a simpler palette will allow a potential buyer to imagine themselves in that home and how they could possibly make it their own. In addition, you should choose colors that will go well with the furnishing of the room, something that brings together the home. Neutral paint colors are always a safe choice, such as Sherwin Williams? ?agreeable gray? or Benjamin Moore?s classic gray.

Interior Style

You don?t need to be an interior designer to understand how to incorporate accent colors into your home, and which rooms deserve extra attention. An accent color acts as a ?pop? of color throughout a room or home that complements your neutral paint color you have picked. Your accent color is a secondary color in that it should not take up more space than your main color does. For example, if you go with a neutral blue-gray paint color for your home, you could implement pops of orange or yellow to balance out the cool bluish tones present in your home. Rooms feel more balanced overall when color is distributed tastefully.

When it comes to deciding on which rooms deserve an accent color or extra decor, look to both the size and architecture of the room. For instance, the most common room in which to utilize that pop of color is within your living room. Better yet, if you have an open room with big windows that let in a lot of natural light, you will want to take advantage of that light and airy presence and incorporate that into the overall style of the room. If you can see a lot of green plants just outside your window, take advantage of that color seeping in and contrast the deep greens outside with bright reds inside. This can also apply to dining rooms and bedrooms. However, if you have a small space such as a half bathroom, stick to something simple with minimal distractions to make the space feel as large and open as possible.

Hire Professional Painters

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