Accent Walls: Go Beyond the Usual

Eddie Shekari
November 18, 2016

You?re tired of the plain white or beige walls. You want a paint color that is bolder, brighter, more noticeable. Before you choose your favorite color and douse the walls with it, consider how it might change the appearance of the room. Some colors may be too bold and make a room seem closed off or overwhelming.

That?s where accent walls come in.

Accent walls are a great choice when you want to liven up your Houston home with interior painting, but don?t want to choose something that will be jarring to your senses. Accent walls are a great way to add some pop and fun to your home, but please be mindful of a few things before beginning.

The Traditional Approach

Most people think of accent walls as one bright wall in a room of white walls. Though it can encompass several different styles, this is one of the more common approaches. Accent walls are meant to draw the eye to a particular part of the room, and a bold color will definitely accomplish this. While red might be too much for an entire room, a bright cherry or poppy tone would add a great deal of life to a living room or kitchen. All black walls too gloomy for you? Try just one and let the contrast with white speak for itself.

Classic & Subdued

An accent wall doesn?t have to scream at people who walk into a home. You can go softer and still make an impact. You can use an accent wall to complement another soothing color. Just make sure that the colors you choose work together instead of compete with one another. Feeling intimidated by the color wheel and what things work well together? Pro Painters is happy to offer assistance.

Patterns, Shapes, & More

Maybe a single color variation isn?t enough for you. Maybe you want something that will really stand out and speak volumes. From stripes to painted shapes, murals to wallpaper, there are several variations that will give your home that truly unique look.

Many Houston painting companies stick to painting options that are very traditional and not exciting for many customers. Pro Painters is different–we?re here to help you create the house of your dreams. Call us today so we can get started on your exciting new project!

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