4 Ways to Create an Atmospheric Living Room

Eddie Shekari
December 16, 2016

Your living room represents your quintessential style and sets the tone for your whole house, so why keep it boring and predictable? Picking the right paint color can make all of the difference in how it turns out, so let Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, help you make the decision, in order to put your decorative personality on proper display.

Neutral Now
Not everyone wants a bang in their room that is reserved for chilling, so maybe a neutral tone is more your style. This is a very natural choice for a living area and can help smooth the transition from room to room if you have an open area. If you want a bit more pop to your neutral wall, especially if you go with a shade of white, consider all of the fun art and furnishings you can add to it. There are always ways to personalize your setting to make it as vibrant as you would like.

Go for Bold

It may be a good idea to try out a bold color on your living room walls if your floor and fabrics are neutral. This will add interest and dimension to the area. Not sure what color suits your room best with the light changes from daytime through nighttime? You can visit a Benjamin Moore store for a paint sample to see how it will look all day.

Accent Wall

Another way to incorporate color into your room is by using an accent wall. Make sure to pick a wall which should be the focal point, like a fireplace wall. The color should also flow with the furnishings and such in the room in a way that makes sense. A lighter version of the accent color can be used for the other walls or a neutral color with an undertone which complements the accent wall.

Blinded by the Light

You wouldn?t believe the difference the amount of light makes in the color you perceive in your room. Saturated colors are better tolerated in a room flooded with sunlight while lighter shades will get washed out. It?s important to assess your room?s temperature in order to pick the most suitable color. North-facing rooms will become cozier when wrapped in a warm color and sunlight is countered by cool colors. To ease the reflections from strong natural light, consider Benjamin Moore?s Aura paint in a matte finish. This can also produce a soft effect in rooms where natural light is minimal.

We here at Pro Painters have been painting Houston for 21 years and would love to come paint for you, too! Whether it?s for a living room or something else, give us a ring and we?ll come right over.

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