4 Things to Consider When Painting Your Bedroom

Eddie Shekari
November 4, 2016

Your bedroom is your sanctuary for sleep and rest, an escape from the bustling real world. It offers you a chance to unwind and recharge to prepare for the next day. Deciding what color to paint the room might seem minor compared to things like choosing bedroom furniture, but the color is the foundation to setting the room?s mood. When you?re ready to revamp your bedroom with a refreshing new color, Pro Painters offers Houston interior painting for reasonable prices.

But before you take the decorative plunge, we recommend considering 4 key things.

1. Psychology of Colors

You don?t have to be a doctor to recognize that different colors instill certain reactions in you. Some colors are more soothing than others, inspiring a restful and peaceful night?s sleep. Light, subdued neutrals, blues, greens, and lavender inspire peace and serenity. These soft colors turn your bedroom into a sanctuary.

On the other hand, maybe you prefer your bedroom to be invigorating, with walls that make you want to greet the day with enthusiasm. Don?t be afraid to go with your favorite hue, but be sure you go with the right shade–you don?t want one that will be overstimulating. Even black is a great option if you balance it out with the right contrasting accessories.

If you need help with suggestions, our Houston painting company will be happy to offer advice.

2. Your Sleep Style

Another important thing to consider is your personal sleep style and preferences. Are you a night owl or a morning lark? Do you fall asleep easily or deal with insomnia that keeps you awake for hours? You?re the one who will spend the most time in the room, so it?s important to do what makes you happy. If traditional color wisdom doesn?t feel right to you, follow the color of your heart!

Overall, the best thing to do is to consider your own personality and what issues matter most to you. Do you get easily anxious? Soothing may be the way to go. Are you energized by activity, life, and the world around you? Something striking will put you in the right mindset to tackle the day when you open your eyes in the morning.

3. Master Bedroom Coordination

Your master bedroom is typically the most spacious, with the standard these days to include an adjoining en suite and large walk-in closet. When this is the case, you need to expand your thinking beyond the four walls. Though each room is its own separate space, they are all interconnected and should therefore coordinate to give a calming flow to the space.

4. Decorative Accents

Painting the walls sets the tone of the room; decorative pieces serve as the details that create the final picture. Take time to declutter. Regardless of the mood you set with the color you choose, lots of clutter creates chaos in your mind. Turn off the electronics as bedtime nears and keep TVs tucked away in armoires. Finally, make sure the final touches carry meaning for you. Get unique with artwork and pieces. Create your own personal space of zen and retreat and get ready to greet each brand new day.

When you?re ready to change up your bedroom, call the Houston painting contractor with years of experience. Pro Painters also offers the residents of Houston exterior painting to ensure their homes retain a fresh and well kept look.

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