4 Exterior Paint Ideas to Give the Best Impression

Eddie Shekari
December 30, 2016

Are you considering fixing up the exterior of your home? There are a lot of factors to consider before diving into such a project, so read on for some sound advice on where to begin. For starters, Benjamin Moore Aura Paints are perfect for the exterior of your house, because they are durable and resist difficult weather. They also have a lifetime warranty! That?s always a plus when it comes to paint that must face the hardships of the outdoors.

Lifetime Color Choices

If you choose a palette for the outside of your house based off of the structures that won?t change then you?ve found a sure fire way to make everything match. Your roof or masonry aspects surrounding the house provide you with some clear color options by allowing you to choose contrasting yet complementary colors. This will add dimension and highlight architectural elements, since the undertones bring all of it together for a pretty picture.

Blending In

Sometimes it?s a good idea to go for blending in with the rest of the neighborhood. You don?t want to be the sore thumb sticking out with your oddly colored house, making your neighbors gawk. Thus, look for hues that will blend naturally with the architectural style of surrounding homes to keep things compatible with the rest of the subdivision. You can select something from Benjamin Moore?s Historic Collection to find something classic to use to meet this goal.

Light the Way

Keep in mind, how light hits the exterior of your home will shift the colors, so they can appear different on the walls than they do on the chip. Due to this issue, you should apply the paint to all sides on inconspicuous areas only, then come back to visit it for observation until you?re sure you?ve made the right choice. You don?t want any regrets after having coated the entire house because it looks unlike what you expected.

Finish for You

Don?t forget the importance of sheen. If you want a finish with slight gloss which will clean well and hide surface imperfection, you should go for a slow-reflective finish, like Low Lustre. This is quite popular for the main siding. You can also use a semi-gloss paint, which will still clean well, but also adds durability. It?s a good choice for places like windowsills, since they endure harsh weather pretty directly. Then of course you have high gloss finishes. These will look rich but show imperfections more. It all depends which aspect is most important to you for the overall appearance of your home.

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