3 Ways to Make the Rooms in Your Home Seem Bigger

Eddie Shekari
November 15, 2016

Your home is what you make it. Big or small, it serves as your rock and sanctuary from the outside world. As your personal space, it’s important that you feel as happy and comfortable as possible. How you decorate, what furniture you purchase, and how you choose to arrange it are the things that will make it your own. You can’t change the size, but paint colors can give the illusion of a room being bigger. We offer interior painting in Houston for those who are looking for a change.

Living Room
It’s the room where you will gather with your friends and family after long days at work. Maybe you will watch TV; perhaps you will curl up in an armchair to read a book. Either way, you’ll want to maximize the space so that you can spread out and enjoy it as much as possible. But what if you’re confined to a smaller space? Does that mean you have to feel cramped?

White is a great color for making a room look bigger. It coordinates with any decor scheme you want to use, and it gives rooms a fresh, inviting, and clean look. White walls tend to reflect light, therefore making rooms look bigger, giving them a spacious and airy feel. It’s the perfect color for the room where you will gather with your loved ones and entertain.

A small bedroom can cause more headaches than just figuring out where to put the bed to maximize walking space. It is your place of rest, so it should be a calm, centering place. For an especially small room such as a bedroom, cool blues or greens are a great way to give the impression of more space. Plus, the colors are soothing and provide a nice atmosphere to sink into a deep sleep.

In the kitchen, citrus tones are a great way to liven up the space and open up the appearance of the room. Open shelving creates contrast and clean lines, training the eye to move along the perimeter of the room, giving the illusion of more space. Create pops of dynamic contrast with your pots and pans or most unique dishes.

You don’t have to worry so much about the size of your rooms when it comes to making them enjoyable. Rather, utilize colors to maximize the potential of each space, bringing out the best possibilities for each room. If you’re confused about choices, our Houston painting company, Pro Painters, will be happy to assist you!

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