3 Great Paint Color Schemes for a Kitchen

Eddie Shekari
November 25, 2016

Your kitchen is where you spend a majority of your time at home–fortifying yourself with breakfast, making lunches for school, and gathering with your family to talk about your day over dinner–so it?s important to choose a color that will inspire and delight you. There are many things to consider, including your style and the type of kitchen you have as well as the vibe you want to create for your shared family space. At Pro Painters, a Houston painting company, we?re happy to help you consider your options to help create the kitchen of your dreams.

Warmer Colors

Fast food restaurants are a sea of red and yellow. Why? Color experts say that these bright and vibrant warm colors stimulate your appetite. Red has the tendency to make people feel warm, comforted and loved, while cheery yellow grabs attention. Using warm colors in the kitchen doesn?t have to scream boldness. You can complement the statement by using softer cabinet, counter, and backsplash colors and patterns so the look is not too overwhelming.

Classic White or Neutral Gray

White is a classic for good reason. It?s clean and simple and beautiful. It pairs well with a variety of cabinetry and countertop options. Did you know that, even among simple white, there are still multitudes of shades from which to choose? Our Houston interior painting company has a variety of options so you can make your white kitchen your very own.

For many homes, gray is the new neutral. It has surpassed beige as the hip and trendy style that you can pair with a variety of decor options. There are many shades on the gray spectrum that can give your kitchen a nice, sophisticated look. Gray pairs nicely with crisp white or sparkling black granite countertops. Add in a beautiful backsplash, and you can create a luxury kitchen in your own home.

Make a Statement

While warmer colors tend to stimulate appetites, some cool shades work to suppress them. But this doesn?t mean you should stay away from them. Blue or green can add beauty to any kitchen with their clean, crisp, and energetic hues. It?s important to choose the right shade, however. Blues and greens can quickly become overpowering if they are too dark.

Beyond Walls: Adding Life to Cabinetry
For kitchens that have little wall space, adding color may be reserved to appliances and accessories. However, painting old kitchen cabinets is a great way to refresh a room, and it saves you the expense of getting new ones.

Pro Painters is happy to help with any of your interior painting concerns in Houston. Give us a call today so we can discuss how to liven up your kitchen!

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